Hi! My name is Neola! I started playing Chess when I was 5. I've been part of my school Chess team.

When I was practising for my games I asked my dad if he could help me create a website with all the available games in the world so that I can refer them and practice them. And my dad is so cool, he always says yes to all of my requests! (Well at least most of them anyway!). So here is my own website with gazillion (is that more than what I can study?) chess games for my reference (and for yours too!).

So what can you do with my website? You can search and study the games, bookmark your favourite games, add notes to them. You can also embed the games in your website. Oh...here is a cool thing! If you want to build your own iPhone app (or any other app) we have an API that you can subscribe to.

Hope you enjoy the games and find the website useful!